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Who we are

Orion Group was founded by a team of education management professionals bringing two decades of rich experience within Education & Training industry in India & Abroad. We strive hard to provide high quality industry and employment relevant Certified Training in Value Added Programs & Skill Development Programs in different skill sectors. The globalised world demands skilled manpower to convert growth opportunities into jobs and stable incomes. With millions of new job-seekers entering the job market every year, skill development has become one of India’s urgent priorities.

The team at Orion is Professionally run with a reputation for integrity, business ethics, customer focus and good governance. We are committed and dedicated to provide quality training in various fields where trained professionals are in high demand. Now, we plan to be at the forefront of meeting the growing needs of Logistics, Hospitality, Aviation and other related Industries, under the ‘Make in India’ strategy and the rise of e-commerce.

Why Choose Our Institution


To be a centre of excellence for training & development in various skill sectors, combining all levels of Industry occupation standards and to be a professional association and unifying voice for promoting and furthering skill development training programs as a collegiate academic discipline.


To promote and foster excellence in training & development in all upcoming streams by imparting the highest quality and the sharing of knowledge and experience, for the advancement of the Industries through a creative balance of academic, professional, and extracurricular programs.

Affiliation: STED Council


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